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Pricing will depend on size of dumpster, location of job, length of time and what will be put in it. We want to make this the easiest part of your project. Planning ahead by getting all your things together and knowing when and where you need your dumpster will help in this process.


Now let’s make some decisions. For instance:

   What’s going into the dumpster? (Price includes 3 ton) charges for over limit $45.00per ton

   How long will you need it? (Price includes 7 days)

   Where does dumpster need to be delivered and what day works best for you?

   Do you need permits or permission from someone to set the dumpster where you want it?

   (Homeowners Association, City of Colorado Springs)                              

   Have you made plan for the materials that cannot go into dumpster?  Such as:


      *Televisions, monitors


      *Hazardous Waste (paint, oils, chemicals, gasoline, flammable items)

      *Tanks or cans (propane tanks or gas cans even if empty)

      *Items with Freon (Freezers, refrigerators, air-conditions)

      *Mattress, Box springs

      *More than 1 cubic yard of dirt, concrete, rock or heavy material

      *Poison, insecticides, pesticides, herbicides

   items found in containers will be charged to customer.


What size dumpster will I need and what can I expect to pay for my dumpster?

What do I do if I have these things?

We do offer removal of certain items listed above for an additional cost. Please notify us of all items that will need to be recycled before we deliver your dumpster. Call us to get prices on your items that cannot be disposed of in the landfill. Any of the above items not previously discussed and discovered at the landfill will incur an additional charge of $85 per item.

Is there a weight limits on the dumpster?

Yes, all dumpsters have weight limits as follows:

 * 6 yard dumpster 3 ton or 6000 lbs

 *10 yard dumpster 3 ton or 6000 lbs

 *14 yard dumpster 3 ton or 6000 lbs. (No shingles, concrete, rock etc allowed)


Please note: No more than 1 cubic yard of heavy materials is allowed in any dumpster. (i.e. concrete, rock, dirt, asphalt, lath plaster, etc.). Exceeding container weight limits will result in extra charges or having customer remove some in order to remove dumpster. Daily charges will continue until we are able to pick up dumpster.


Ok, it’s time to check out our bin sizes and prices. Remember if you need help give us a call and we will be glad to help you decide the right size for your needs. Call today for a free estimate!

I think I know what dumpster I need.  What’s next?

Now the easy part starts…Give us a call at 719-527-9988.  We start with asking what will be going in the dumpster to make sure we get you the right size.  After that, a reminder is given of any hazardous items not accepted and if you have anything that you need recycled that cannot go into the dumpster let us know we can help you with that too.  

 Now for the dumpster delivery, when is your project starting? We will schedule a delivery date and time that is convenient for you let us know what day is best.  Our rental period is for 7 days from delivery so we will schedule for the pickup of the dumpster also. If you would like your dumpster picked up before then just call prior to your scheduled date and let us know. If additional days are needed please give us advanced notice (24 hours if possible) of how many more days, so we can reschedule the pickup date, and go over any additional charges there might be.


Payment can be made in the form of checks, cash or credit cards. Payment is required upon or before delivery.  A credit card is needed on file until the dumpster has been picked up and your account is closed with any of the forms of payment above.

We will carefully place the dumpster in the location you have designated on the schedule date and time we discussed.  Set down any protection boards you would like us to put dumpster on and please have all area cleared of vehicles so the driver can get into area safely. When we pick up the dumpster, we will inspect the contents and how it is loaded, and if everything is fine, we hook the dumpster up to the truck’s hook lift and carefully lift it onto the bed of the truck.  We follow up by sweeping any small stuff that might have fallen from dumpster before we leave. Any additional charges that were discussed, for extra days, excessive weight etc, if any, will be charged to card on file and the account will be closed. No surprise charges, you will be notified of any charges before charging your card. A final receipt for your job can be mailed or e-mailed to you.

What happens if I cause damages to the dumpster?

The customer is responsible for any damage caused to the dumpster while it is under a rental agreement with you. For example, all unauthorized moving of a dumpster causing damage, pouring wet paint or other sticky material into the dumpster, paint overspray or graffiti that defaces or mars the surface and appearance of the dumpster, or using heavy equipment to drop heavy loads into the dumpster causing dents in its interior and exterior sheet metal. Repairs for dumpster damage will be charged to customer.

Pam and Dan’s Hauling has been a family owned business for 27 years and take pride in keeping our dumpsters in the best condition as possible for all our customers. Please treat the dumpster with respect as additional charges could apply for dumpster repair and cleaning.

My driveway was scratched while using your dumpster. What do I do?

With dumpsters that roll as they come in contact with concrete, asphalt, brick pavers etc, there is always a possibility of the surface getting scratched.  We suggest that a piece of carpet or wood be laid down on all driveways to prevent this.  We do not suggest putting a dumpster on a new driveway at all.  Pam and Dan’s Hauling will not be responsible for damages to paving surfaces such as concrete, asphalt, brick pavers etc.

Please remember Pam and Dan’s Hauling are extremely careful when delivering a dumpster to a customer site. Every precaution is taken to make sure we are aware of any underground features such as utility or sewer lines. Pam and Dan’s Hauling cannot be responsible for UNFORSEEN circumstances under the sub grade. The customer needs to make sure they inform Pam and Dan’s Hauling of any underground assets in the path of the container before it is delivered.