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Frequently  asked questions for dumpsters

Q.  If I only need the dumpster for one day, can it be delivered and picked up the same day?

A.  Yes. Calling the office in advance will help get you scheduled on your preferred day. As always we will deliver and pick up as soon as possible.

Q.  How long may I keep the dumpster? And can we rent longer?

A.  Pricing includes 7 day rental; rental for extra days are available with daily charges if needed.

Q.  Do you accept credit cards?

A.  Yes. We will need a credit card on file to rent dumpsters out. You may pay with credit card, in state checks or cash. 

Q.  Do you have discounts for seniors or military?

A:   Yes. We are glad to give a $15.00 discount to all our senior or military for all dumpsters with the exception of the 6 yard bin. Please ask us about your discount while we are setting up your schedule so as not to have any confusion when the time comes for billing your credit card.

Q.  What item cannot go into the dumpsters?

A.  Hazardous materials such as paint, oil, batteries, chemicals, TV’s are not accepted. These items found in the dumpsters will be returned at customers’ expense. Cost to clean dumpster of paint will be charge to customer.

Q.  Can I put appliances or tires in dumpster?

A.  No tires or appliances with Freon are accepted. There will be a $25.00 charge for any tires found in the dumpster. And a $65.00 -$95.00charge for items with Freon whether drained or not.

Q.  I need a dumpster for concrete and dirt can I use any dumpster size?

A.  No. Please call the office and we can discuss the amount of debris and what size would be appropriate for your job. Please follow the limits found on side of dumpsters.

**note: we do not allow more than 1 cubic yard of heavy materials (ie. concrete, rock, dirt, asphalt, lath plaster, etc.). Exceeding container weight limits will result in extra charges or having customer remove some in order to remove dumpster.

Q.  I’ve heard that I cannot have my stuff go above the dumpster why is that?

A.  In order to keep form having anything fall from dumpster as we pick it up we ask that you stay level with top of dumpster. By law, we are required to “contain” each load with a tarp for hauling to the landfill safely. We cannot pick up a dumpster that is over-full. You will be responsible for ensuring the dumpster is properly loaded. We may assess a fee to recoup costs incurred for not being able to pick up your dumpster.

Q.  How can I protect my new driveway from damage?

A.  With dumpsters that roll as they come in contact with concrete, asphalt, brick pavers etc, there is always a possibility of the surface getting scratched.  We suggest that a piece of carpet or wood be laid down on all driveways to prevent this.  We do not suggest putting a dumpster on a new driveway at all.  Dumpsters can also be set on street if needed.   Check to see if permission from homeowners association or City of Colorado Springs is required.   As always, we will be as careful as possible when delivering your dumpster.  Pam and Dan’s Hauling will not be responsible for damages to paving surfaces such as concrete, asphalt, brick pavers etc.



For your convenince use this service agreement if you are not available to meet at the job site.  Print page, fill out form , sign then leave at site for the driver.  Dumpster cannot be dropped off if agreement is not signed.  Payment is due upon delivery.